Your home’s entry door plays a huge role in the façade and curb appeal. Having a welcoming entryway will make your guests feel at ease and relaxed when they walk up to your home. Also, the right front door can help to increase your home’s value

However, if your front door is damaged or needs repairs, it may reduce your home’s value and overall curb appeal. 

The question is, when should you replace your front door? Please keep reading for some of the top signs it is time to make this investment. 

A Door that is Warped or Cracked 

There is an array of issues that can cause warping or cracks in your front door. Harsh weather, exposure to UV rays, excessive moisture, and more are all some of the most common culprits. As time passes, the door may no longer function properly. Even worse, if your door is cracked, it could be an indication the door is weak structurally and that it may let bugs get into your home. No matter the reason, a cracked or warped door is a safety concern and one that needs to be addressed right away. 

A Door That Sticks or Squeaks 

It can be extremely irritating when your door starts to stick or squeak. An older door usually causes these problems. While this is true, it may also occur because of moisture that has seeped into the wood or because of worn hinges. If you notice this problem gets worse as time passes, it is best to go ahead and replace the door. If it is difficult to open, close, or sound so loud no one can sneak in or out, it is time for a new door. 

You Notice a Draft

If you notice a draft when you walk by the entryway door, you probably need a new one. Gaps present between the door and frame are natural and will occur as time passes. While you can use door stoppers to help prevent drafts, this is just a temporary fix. 

The fact is that door stoppers will not help you keep a comfortable temperature inside your home. The only permanent solution is to invest in an all-new door. Installing a new front door will eliminate drafts, reduce utility costs, and increase your home’s value. 


Changing temperatures and weather can result in condensation to build-up between the glass panes in your drawer. Also, moisture may spread in the wood and the fixtures, which causes mildew and mold if the problem is not addressed. Even though mold can be scrubbed away, it is usually an indication there is a problem with the seal around the glass. In most cases, replacing the door will be the best bet. 

When it comes to your home’s entryway door, knowing when to replace it is essential. Be sure to call the professionals if you need help or guidance, and they can help ensure you get the quality door you want and need.