Before you replace a window in your home, make sure you know these helpful tips.

­Windows seem like such a simple fixture, until it comes time to replace them. At that point, the reality will hit you at full force. Windows are complicated. They come in all sorts of different sizes, including by height and width, and by girth. They serve functions far beyond bringing a little bit of light into your home, and they are the number one cause of leaks in the home. Old windows can mean draining energy bills as the AC flows right outside, as well as wet carpet during a rainstorm, and that is without mentioning the insect problem you can get into without having proper windows in your home.

Whether you have recently busted a window and need a quick repair, are hoping to install a new window where there is still only just a wall, or are looking to just update the windows that you have in your home to more energy efficient and secure models, you are going to need a professional to help you with the job.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a new window:

  • Keep durability in mind: Find windows that are durable and pose multiple functions. Storms happen in Topeka, so look for windows that can stand up to strong winds. The most durable windows are also the most secure windows, meaning they are going to be the most difficult to smash, which adds further protection to your home from potential break-ins.
  • Cut down on energy leaks: Windows all have different energy efficiency levels. Look for a notice on the label of a window that clearly states it is an energy efficient model. Another way to increase the energy efficiency is to look for windows with multiple panes. The extra layers of glass typically have a bit of gas between each pane which offers further insulation.
  • Be safe: Finally, make sure that all of your windows meet safety codes in your area. This means that windows should be of a certain strength, and located in particular areas in the home. A window installation specialist in Topeka can help you figure out the safety level of your window options.

Putting in a window wrong can wreak havoc on your home’s utility usage, can create trouble with leaks, and increases your risk of a home intrusion. Trust your windows to the specialists. For more information about windows and window replacement in Topeka, contact us.