Sometimes it seems like this industry is a set of basics that keeps falling short of its basic potential.


If that doesn’t seem well articulated, we’re talking about all of those situations where contractors and customers come to the table, design a thing, and then the buyer finds at the end that it just doesn’t look like what was in their heads.


In other words, the person who’s paying for this important work sees the end result of the process and despairs, in a way. They can’t help but think: “what did I just pay for?”


We aim to prevent those kinds of unfortunate occurrences that happen more often than they should in the field of home improvement and renovations.


Quality Work


You can see from the website and gallery how we approach basic tasks like framing, drywall, tile and other types of work.


You can see the orderly application of mud to finished drywall, the neat and consistent framing of an addition or interior wall, and pin-set tile that looks just as you’d expect it to look when installed. All of that is part of what makes up a renovations and improvement business with integrity, one that does not fly by night.


Clean Work


You can also see that the end result looks clean and uncluttered. There isn’t a lot of construction garbage lying around, or packaging and tape strewn around the jobsite. That’s another component of the aesthetic appeal of a job done right, that’s worth something in our book.


Precision Work


What you can also see as you move through a project with us is that we approach projects with precision. We don’t just guess at where a wall is supposed to be or how a new installation will dovetail with existing infrastructure. So in the end, that precise and perfect placement leads to the kinds of results that leave you feeling satisfied that you chose the right company to do the work.


There’s a lot more to it than that, but these are some of the basics of how you approach work in this field with a real winning attitude. You don’t try to cut corners or just do the minimum. You strive for excellence every day… and we do. Talk to Reeds about the remodeling and solutions that you want for your property. We can help you to plan, and then implement that plan in ways that will add long-term value, with the integrity that helps you to make the most of your investment in your real estate.