At Reeds Remodeling, we help northern Michigan families to enjoy better quality of life at their properties with a wide range of home improvement and maintenance services. Rather than focusing on just one narrow area like carpentry or roofing, or cleaning or remodeling, we do it all with the kind of support that gives our customers peace of mind about what they’re paying for.


Let’s be real – not everyone is a DIY homeowner. Some people like to plan their projects meticulously and then just hire available labor to get everything in place. But that’s not true for everyone. Some people have a variety of needs when it comes to their properties, and it’s frustrating when they try to get a checklist of items done by contractors. They just don’t know where to turn, or what represents the best option for a given job. All of the new advances in technology and tools don’t make things automatically clear to them. They benefit from consulting the pros. 


Optimizing Services


In these types of cases, supporting our clients means that we do some of the design work and help them to walk through their options. It means that instead of watching YouTube videos to become proficient in different kinds of home improvement trades, these customers can rely on us to give them the information on site, and save them a lot of time in making decisions that have real ramifications for a property.


We do all of this from a position of skill: we have standing with the Topeka Professional Remodeling Council, as well as the THBA, the NAHB and KBIA, if you’ll pardon the alphabet soup. We also have a significant track record of helping families in northern Michigan to get more out of their properties. And, like a firm that truly cares about supporting its customers, we are here for questions and concerns as we help you to work through your next home improvement or maintenance project. Part of our philosophy is that there is a value to planning and design in facilitating a job well done. And too often, property owners who have jobs they want to do feel isolated and unable to quickly and easily make decisions. That’s part of what we’re trying to solve with a consultative approach that helps us to offer all of our specialized services in a way that’s more convenient for customers. Take a look at the gallery and other resources on the site to learn more about how we can help you maintain and upgrade your North Michigan property.