What do we do at Reed’s Remodeling? That’s a good question. We do a little bit of everything, (actually,  a lot more than a little) but we do it exceedingly well.

When you look at our portfolio of work, you see a breadth of experience and a wide knowledge of how to optimize design for clients. Here are three areas where we’ve spent a lot of time and energy building up our business and establishing our expertise.

Integrating Stone and Stone Veneer

When it comes to stone work, quality and design matter. We’ve installed both natural stone and stone veneer in fireplace areas, exterior pathways and other parts of a property. We know the best ways to lay down a solid base, how to deal with pressure ratings and more. We also know how to inlay these materials for the best visual effect. We may no longer be in the era where the early mason’s work was so much a core component of constructing buildings like those old grand cathedrals of past centuries, but stone is still in use as a fixture, and as a decorative material, and we know how to handle it.

Framing and Carpentry

You can see our teams at work doing high-quality framing to build out areas of a home or other building. You can also see us installing specialty pieces like rafters and load-bearing beams that need a trained engineering approach.

Many of these projects involve not just optimizing a space, but increasing the square footage for a property. We help customers to add value to the properties and get more out of the real estate that they own, by providing that close consultation and experienced point of view that prevents big mistakes or unnecessary costs.

Tile Work

We’ve done an enormous amount of tile in bathrooms and kitchens and elsewhere on client properties. We found the best ways to secure the right products that look excellent on the wall or floor, and we also know how to optimize installation so that your tile lasts as long as it should.

As if all of that weren’t enough, we also provide cleaning services for properties!

Let Reed’s Remodeling help you with everything you need to do at your property. We cover the full spectrum of services that our clients need to modernize and upgrade their properties, with an eye toward quality of work and great customer service. Ask us about how we tackle a particular kind of property improvement project, and let’s plan together.