With the warmer months fast approaching, the summer can be one of the best times to finally get down to those home improvement projects you’ve been talking about doing all year long. Home renovations can be annoying and dangerous to deal with during the winter. Poor weather and less-than-ideal road conditions can cause shipping delays or even cause accidents, as well as making working outdoors incredibly miserable. 


Summers also tend to be less busy compared to other times of the year, so you can concentrate on renovations with less worry about being interrupted by an emergency at work. If you’re in the mood to improve your home this summer, here are three projects perfect for this time of year.


Replace Your Windows


Old and dirty windows can really ruin the look of a home both inside and out, as well as block all that wonderful natural light you get in the summer. On top of that, windows with a poor or broken thermal seal can let the summer heat in, robbing you of the solace of your own home. Even if you regularly use an air conditioning unit, leaky windows can end up costing you higher electricity bills, as well as contributing to waste and environmental pollution from excess power generation. 


The summer is a fantastic time to replace your windows, providing your home with a fresh look from the outside and keeping the hot summer air outside where it should be. Living through a home renovation can be difficult, especially when replacing windows if the weather is cold outside, so the summer is the ideal time for this project. Just make sure to install window screens, to keep the insects outside too!


Re-Stain Your Deck and Fences


Summer is the best time to take advantage of that deck of yours and entertain your favourite guests. Nothing says summer like barbeques and outdoor fire pits with good food and good company, right? Unfortunately, the atmosphere is kind of ruined if your deck is graying and falling to pieces. Summer is a fantastic time to finally repair some of the damage that years of weathering have left on your once beautiful and shiny deck with a new layer of wood stain. 


You can also take this time to re-stain your fences as well, which more often than not are just as in need of a little bit of love as decks after a few years. With a beautiful new finish on your deck and fences, the brisket and ribs from those summer smokeouts will taste so much better. Atmosphere is an important part of enjoying the experience of eating outdoors. After all, you know what they say; you eat with your eyes first!


Remodel Your Kitchen


Finally, summer isn’t just a good time to work on the exterior of your house; you can also take advantage of the pleasant working conditions to fix up the inside as well! If your kitchen is due for an update, the summer is a fantastic time for a complete kitchen overhaul. Kitchen remodels are one of the most labour intensive home renovation projects, and it can be an absolute nightmare trying to get the work done during the winter. 


Between carrying in heavy new countertops and cabinets, moving appliances and disposing of the waste from dismantling your pre-existing kitchen, a kitchen remodel really isn’t the sort of thing you want to be doing during the winter, when the sidewalks are icy and the wind is strong. As long as you can tolerate the heat, the summer is a much safer time to be doing heavy-duty remodeling work at home. Plus, a kitchen remodel is one of the smartest home renovations you can do, with an estimated return on investment of 75-100% when selling the house down the line.


Ready to Renovate? We’re Here to Help!


Hopefully, you can find time this summer to take on one of these great home renovation projects. Renovating your house is a fantastic way to elevate your own standard of living at home. It’s also a smart investment since for many home renovations the added value to your house will pay for itself over time. The summer weather is perfect for doing all sorts of work on your property, so you better get to it before fall comes knocking again!