If you are a business owner, regardless of the size of your operation, keeping things clean and safe is imperative. Having a commercial cleaner that handles this need for you is a wonderful benefit, but it can also be hard to find. Aside from the basic cleaning of the floors, what are some other things that cleaners should be doing for you? What are some characteristics of a commercial cleaning crew that you should look for? 

In this guide, we will help you understand what a commercial cleaning business can and should do for you. 

Consistent Scheduling 

As an organization, you need to know when a cleaning company is coming. They need to show up on time, complete the work in a scheduled period, and leave before customers or employees are inconvenienced. You should always know when your cleaners are coming as there are certain things you can do to prepare to get the most out of your clean. Any company that can’t give you a day or a time frame is doing you a disservice. At Reed’s, we can put you on a schedule so you can plan accordingly. 

Trash Handling

Do not worry about taking the trash out when the cleaners are coming. This is something that we will handle for you. Any cleaning company that will not handle trash services is making things more difficult for you. What good is a sparkling office space with a bunch of trash cans that are filled to the brim? 

Appliance Cleaning

Does your workplace have an employee break room with appliances? When was the last time you cleaned your stove or microwave at home? Are you going to have time to clean the one in your office space? A great commercial cleaning company will take care of cleaning all your appliances so that everything is safe and ready for your employees to use when returning to work. 

Window Cleaning

It’s essential to keep the windows of your workplace clean. Not only does this provide a much more professional look to customers and clients, but it will help keep employee morale up as well. Everyone needs a look at the outside world when they are working all day indoors. Window cleaning should be done frequently both inside and outside of your workplace or office. 

Special Projects

Do you have an event coming up where you need to make sure your business is in perfect condition? Did you have some construction done, and now there is a mess? Don’t hesitate to reach out about the different types of projects that a commercial cleaner can do. You may be surprised by the score of services. When you hire a cleaning company to take care of your office, you should always keep the lines of communication open and allow for adjustments when necessary. 

Choosing a commercial cleaning company should not be difficult. Making sure you get a company that offers a wide range of services is the best thing that you can do. At Reed’s, because we also specialize in remodeling, we understand the importance of maintenance. Keeping the office in great shape and clean for your customers and clients will only lead to positive things for your company.