Your home’s first layer of defense against the outside elements is your siding. Due to its exposure, it may take a serious beating. There are some types of sunlight and storm damage that can change the overall look and functionality of the siding in place. Sometimes, minor siding damage can be fixed or even ignored because it isn’t that big of an issue.

However, if your siding has been damaged significantly, it can affect your entire home. The question is – when is it time to bite the bullet and invest in new siding? Keep reading to learn the top signs it is time for siding replacement here.


If moisture is trapped under your siding, bubbles can form. You may notice several small bubbles or just one, larger bulge. This is a sign that your siding has already experienced significant water damage and that you should consider replacing it.


If your home’s siding starts to buckle, regardless of if the material is pushed outward or if it collapses inward, there is usually a problem with the boards that are under it. It may be time to replace the interfacing present, along with the siding to restore the proper shape of your home’s exterior walls.


Cracked siding may occur because of an impact or just strain over time. If cracking is only in a single section of the siding, you may only have to replace the area that has been affected. However, if the cracks are so severe that they have allowed moisture to seep under the siding, the damage may be much more significant.

Excessive Fading

It’s important for your siding to retain the beautiful and rich color it has when it is first installed. However, if your siding has faded significantly, the discoloration is an indication that the siding is nearing the end of its life. If fading is excessive, it may accompany some of the other issues on this list, which means replacement is imminent.

Higher Energy Costs

Have you noticed that your heating and cooling costs are much higher now than they were even a few months or years ago? If so, it may be that your siding is no longer providing the insulation benefits it once did. It’s a good idea to have a professional come and check this out to see what the exact issue is. In some cases, the siding may only be part of the problem.

Is it Time to Replace Your Home Siding?

Replacing your home siding can be a rather big expense. While this is true, it is still one that is worth making if the siding is past its prime. If any of the issues listed here are present, the problems with the siding are going to continue to get worse, costing even more in the long run. The best thing you can do is to reach out to the professionals for an inspection, as this is going to ensure you take the right steps to protect your home.