Trends are changing with the seasons, and so is your home. Whether you opt for short-lived trends or introduce new timeless adjustments, 2020 has something in store for your home improvements. ⠀ Below are some improvements to consider when remodeling your home.

Outside In

Natural elements are all the buzz right now, from stone tiles to concrete showers. Designers and homeowners are looking for ways to warm up the environment and bring outdoor features in. Wood, copper, stone, and concrete are currently particularly popular among designers.

Open Cabinets

Open shelving, in 2020, is a popular choice. They should make space feel brighter and more prominent, and removing the doors is relatively inexpensive. To test the waters, take a few weeks, and remove your cabinet doors. If you don’t find the change for you, try instead the doors of the glass. While giving the illusion of a larger and brighter room, you will still have that coverage.


Hazelnut, lilac-gray, dark greens and soft clays are some of the trending colors of 2019 and the coming year. Benjamin Moore called this year’s color Metropolitan AF-690. It is a gray, neutral, softening, and calming paint color. The paint company describes it as a color that “exudes glamour, beauty, and balance.”


Add depth and give a more tailored look to your space by mixing metals. Designers favor copper, brass, pewter, matte black, and gunmetal. Faucet handles and accent pieces are simple ways to play with your metals and provide updated features to your home. Have we forgotten to say it’s affordable?

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