What do we do at Reeds Remodeling? We do pretty much everything. Keeping your property in great shape inside and outside can take a lot of work. Specifically, it can also take many different kinds of work. Your home isn’t just made of one material, or set of systems. It’s a complicated organism that requires a lot of dedicated care.


Here are four of the major things that we often do for customers.




What’s nicer than a new set of installed aluminum or vinyl siding? Good siding and proper installation create those neat, clean angles and elegant results that make properties look like a million bucks, whether they’re valued at $150,000 or nearer to an actual million-dollar value. Think about whether it’s time to upgrade your home’s exterior.




When you want to do a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you’re maybe looking through a magazine at the excellent visual results you get with modern tile or vinyl or interior covering. But first you have to go in and redo the wall, taking off the drywall and providing any framing that needs to be done. We have the tools and know-how to do all of this, and get you your perfect facelift for any room of your home. Take a look at the gallery to see the types of project results we are talking about, and then let us know what your vision is for your property.




You may have heard it said that a coat of new paint does wonders for a property. The key here is detail and cleanliness. You want a paint job result that doesn’t include a lot of drips, drops and drabs.


Our people are good at this home improvement service, too, and our painting looks great when it’s done.




A new set of windows can help with your energy bills, but they often look better, too. Old wood and glass windows can get stained, brittle, moldy or mildewed.


New windows can really give your home a bright new look, and help to better protect your property against the elements.


No matter what your plan is, we can help. We’re the five-star handyman in the North Arkansas area. Call us for excellent home improvement results! We love helping locals to get more out of their homes and business properties, with excellent customer service and a high standard of quality.