When you specialize in a wide range of construction and home improvement services, a lot of your success comes down to the basics. Many companies provide these services, but there’s a wide spectrum of quality. In other words, some people do it exceedingly well, and others kind of wing it.

We strive to offer the best in these types of services. Here’s part of how we approach each client project to optimize what the finished result looks like and how well our installations stand up to wear over time.

The Art of Drywall

Drywall installation is a major part of both residential and commercial new construction.

As an alternative to traditional plaster, drywall is easy – in theory. It involves nailing up gypsum and finishing it for smooth panels and angles.

However, if you have ever seen a bad drywall job, you understand why quality matters. The right taping, smoothing and finishing is essential. The right hanging is also essential. You want results that will stand up to use for decades, and that requires very specific installation techniques.

This is one of the areas that we excel at, because we invest in the right skills and equipment to get the job done correctly. Rather than just going for the “bottom dollar” and cutting corners, we implemented training programs that now have our crews competing with the best in drywall installation.

Vinyl Siding

When it comes to home exteriors, vinyl siding is exceedingly popular. It’s lower maintenance than a lot of other materials, and it tends to look good for a long time, if it’s maintained correctly, and if it’s installed properly.

Vinyl siding isn’t just sticking pieces onto a wall. It requires specific angling and hanging tools in order to make sure that the specialized edges of the pieces are thoroughly calibrated and congruent.

Our vinyl crews spend a lot of time putting in good-looking and long-lasting installations and know the ins and outs of vinyl siding excellence.

Stone and Brick Veneer

When it comes to aesthetic and high-quality projects, stone and brick veneers can be excellent ways to dress up a property and increase its curb appeal and value. However, again, the project is only as good as its technique and materials. Issues with bonding and placement and consistency apply.

Talk to Reeds Remodeling about your property goals. Whether it’s resale, renovations or a better result for a home or business, we help clients to come up with a working plan that’s going to help them to achieve their goals for a property.