Stone is a common building material, even in the new millennium. These days, that often translates to specially designed flagstones or pavers made of actual rock, that get arranged in various ways to enhance a building result. 

In the old days, it was often just field rock rolled up to a foundation and mortared together in a primitive way. Primitive is a misleading word, however, as these foundations often stood for a long, long time.

Today, we have the ability to quickly and efficiently stand up a concrete block foundation, but people still use stone as a design component of their homes and real estate properties. Here are three ways to use stone that you can see modeled and some of our recent projects, with the quality that you’d expect from a top-class builder and contractor. 

Exterior Stone Cladding – Brilliant, Clean Design

One popular use of exterior stone is in outside wall covering or cladding design.

You can use stacked stone pieces, but you can also mortar together a “bubble” type of stone – rounded surfaces that create a nice curved visual effect. You’ll see this in our project gallery online, with some very satisfied clients attached to it. 

Interior Stacked Stone

One of the most popular ways to use stone in the interior is around a fireplace, or on an interior wall, where you take these pieces of specially designed stone and layer them on top of each other. It’s a lot like something you see done at your local chain gas station or convenience store, where franchise owners invest in scaled-up material design to create something that looks elegant and professional. But you can get that in your home, too – check out some of our hearth designs on the gallery page…

Granite Countertops

Here’s another way to use stone in the kitchen. Granite countertops can look amazing and last a long time without significant wear or deterioration. Just be careful setting down your wineglasses! As a durable choice, granite is replacing a lot of the old formica or linoleum-covered pressboard that is deteriorating in the kitchens of legacy properties. 

Stone for Exterior Paving

Another way to use natural stone is in creating walkways or staircase designs with stone paving in place. Here it’s important to use the right types of mortar and to create the appropriate base to allow these to settle well. Talk to Reeds Remodeling about all of these types of projects for your home – we’ll help you to achieve a quality result!