Why is important for construction and renovation firms to have cleanup services?


If you’ve ever come on to a job site after a big job is done and seen the kinds of chaos that can result, you’ll know why.


Here are four key things that post construction cleanup can do at a client property.


Clear Spaces


In the most simple, basic way, the post-construction cleanup creates those clean interior and exterior spaces that have been either constructed new or redesigned for inhabitants and visitors.


You don’t want to see a floor littered with construction debris, or countertops with pieces of tape or adhesive, or anything else strewn across them. It just looks terrible. It’s the opposite of what the companies are supposed to be doing as they put new installations in place. So getting rid of them is very important.


A Cleanout


In other ways, the post-construction cleanup is an active cleanout of a space. You may have big cardboard or wooden containers that materials came in, or large quantities of shrinkwrap, for example. Even when these are organized neatly and stood in a corner somewhere, you still don’t want them to be part of the final result. You want them gone.


That’s another great aspect of completing post-construction cleanup for clients that’s important to think about if you are responsible for finishing up a project, or if you have a stake in getting the place in tip-top shape.


Move-in Ready?


With new construction in particular, and with many kinds of renovations, one of the big questions at the end is whether a building is move-in ready or not. If it didn’t have adequate post-construction cleanup, it’s not move-in ready. It’s that simple. Having a building move-in ready can be the difference between thousands of dollars in income, and forfeiting those thousands of dollars in income. That’s another thing to think about when you’re choosing a construction or renovation firm and asking them about their post-construction cleanup process.


Indoor Air Quality


This aspect of post-construction cleanup deals with the littlest things – particles and microbes that result from building processes. You have your drywall dust, your mortar dust, and all kinds of other debris that’s nearly microscopic.


Getting rid of the stuff with vacuuming and other processes helps to improve the indoor air quality that people will experience in a newly constructed or renovated property.


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