The phrase “home improvement” covers a broad spectrum of projects and services that sometimes seem a little overwhelming.

There are big jobs and small jobs – property maintenance jobs that are aimed at preventing long-term damage to a home or building, and other jobs that are about adding value or re-creating the use of the space.

At Reed’s Remodeling and Cleaning Services, we do all of it. That’s not a common business model, maybe, but it’s one that really serves our customers well.

We’re proud of what we do in the Peel, Arizona area and pleased to show off our track record of success in talking to you about your next project.

Keeping a Property in Good Condition

There are certain essential things that have to be in place in order to keep a property in stable condition, and to safeguard financial investment in real estate. In fact, you’ll often see these items mentioned in a building inspection for resale or for other purposes.

For example, gutters and downspouts have to be in good condition to properly route rainwater away from the foundation. Paint and exterior coverings need to be in good condition to protect the interior of the building. Doors and windows and other types of hardware need to be properly installed, and in good condition as well.

That’s not to mention landscaping and everything else that’s involved in ongoing property maintenance, including house cleaning. Some customers are surprised to hear that we also provide residential cleaning services along with all of the other property maintenance work that we do for our customers, but it helps busy families to get all of what they need to make their house look great, and to preserve full functionality in their property.

Sometimes we’re installing onyx tile, or working to create someone’s vision for an entirely new kitchen or bathroom. Other times we are looking to fix a list of issues that have come up over time, for example, poorly caulked areas or degraded tile or broken concrete, or anything else. We install doors, flooring and more. We paint and frame in areas of the building. We repair vinyl siding and interior walls.

We do all of this with an eye toward quality and superior customer service. For 15 years we’ve been helping to add value to homes in so many different ways. We’ve built our business on long-term relationships and trust, and it shows. Check out the website for testimonials and more, and be sure to ask about available discount packages. Let Reed’s Remodeling and Cleaning Services handle whatever specific services you need to rest easy about your home or investment property.