At Reeds Remodeling, we are obsessed with the way things look.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the gallery of professional work that we’ve done over the years in the Peel, AR area and how we managed to make every job job number one

Part of it is having a good idea of building aesthetics.

With that in mind, here are some of the neat horizontal designs that we help property owners to put in place for their homes, commercial buildings and investment properties, to really make everything look good in ways that add to a property’s curb appeal and value.


When you look at your average single-family home, the siding plays a pretty big role. You have those individual horizontal strands of vinyl or aluminum, or even wood siding that make the outside of the property attractive. Neat and unbroken lines are the order of the day.


Window blinds are another area where you can put together a neat horizontal design that catches the eye. For example, manufacturers now sell matchstick blinds that have a lot of small horizontal pieces in a fascinating visual pattern. We make sure that this element of the property is up to speed as we do renovations and help with other types of projects.

Stone Work

Have you ever seen a neatly placed set of horizontal stone slabs around a fireplace or a pillar or other part of a property?

This type of masonry, also known as hardscaping, is very popular right now. We’ve put together some of the best hardscaping designs indoors and outdoors on our customer properties, again, with an eye toward the overall aesthetic and the best value for cost.


Some people think that the practice of wainscoting is dead, but it’s not, really. It’s very much alive in some types of traditional and even modern design. Check out our gallery to see examples of this philosophy at work! Specialty projects are, well, part of our specialty, if that makes sense.

Soffits and Ceilings

Not to be left out, here are two other areas where you can have neat horizontal designs in place. You have your paneled ceiling with neat horizontal trim pieces. Then you have elegant and cleanly contoured soffits underneath roof areas. Both of these can be designed to attract the eye as well.

That’s just a little bit about what we do. Call us for your next home improvement project, and we will work just as hard for you as we have for many satisfied customers.