Do you spend most of your weekends taking on home improvement projects? For many homeowners, spending a weekend replacing a door or building a new awning is something they enjoy. In fact, over $240 billion is spent on home improvement projects in the United States annually. Finding home improvement projects that add value and beauty to your residence can be challenging. 

When trying to decide what type of projects to take on, you need to consider the time of year and your budget. The colder temperatures of winter are right around the corner, which means you need to focus on winterizing your residence. The following are some home improvement projects you should take on this winter. 

1. Get Rid of Old Windows and Doors

Keeping the inside of your home warm and toasty during the winter months is not easy. If you live in an older home, drafts around your doors and windows may allow warm air to escape. A lot of energy and money will be wasted if you allow these drafts to persist. Rather than using caulk for a temporary solution to this problem, you need to think about replacing the doors and windows in your residence. 

Modern windows and doors are designed to be both appealing and energy-efficient. With the addition of new doors and windows, you can revitalize the look of your home. These additions will also help you keep the inside of your residence warmer without wasting tons of energy in the process. If you need help installing new doors and windows, it is time to call Reed’s Remodeling and Cleaning Services. Our experienced team will be able to get your new doors and windows installed in a hurry. 

2. Think About Adding New Kitchen Countertops

During the winter months, you and your family will probably spend more time indoors. Usually, this means you will start to notice imperfections on the inside of your home. If you start to notice that your kitchen counters are looking worn and old, then replacing them is a fantastic idea. 

Contractors are generally slower during the winter months, which means you can get a faster turnaround and a better price on your new countertops. By adding these new countertops, you can increase the value and beauty your residence has. 

3. Reinsulate Your Attic and Crawl Space

If your main concern is keeping your home warm during the winter months, then you need to take a look at your existing insulation. The older the insulation in your attic and crawl space gets, the harder it will be to avoid energy waste. Rather than allowing old insulation to cause energy waste in your home, replace it immediately.  With some professional help and a minimal investment, fixing this common problem will be easy. 

It’s Time to Act!

Are you ready to take on one of the home improvement projects mentioned in this article? If so, contact Reed’s Remodeling and Cleaning Services today.